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Lilithism: The Daughters & Sons of Lilith

~ Daughters & Sons of Lilith ~
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This community is for all who find Lilith to be an inspiration, role-model, goddess to be worshipped.

This community is for all who aspire to live like Lilith: to refuse to be dominated, to uncompromisingly seek an end to discrimination and inequality between the sexes.

This community is for all who reject Lilith's portrayal as a "demon" figure and seek to restore her image as the Ideal Woman: different but equal to Man -- not sub-serviant.

This community is for all other "wild women", rogues, feminists, daughters, sisters, priestesses, and more to connect and share stories.

Although this community expects mostly daughters of Lilith, it opens the door to sons of Lilith, as well. **This community does not seek to target or oppress males, but rather raise the image of Lilith as the Ideal Feminine.**