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adizzi [userpic]
resources on Lilith
by adizzi (adizzi)
at December 1st, 2009 (05:10 pm)

Hi all - I do a lot of work with Lilith, both in retelling the myth to support folks in letting go of the demonization of the feminine, and with counseling clients working with issues relating to Lilith - domination, abuse, having to leave home/family, making peace with the wild feminine within, etc.

I thought I'd post some links to things in case anyone here's interested. There's some astrology here, as that's my main gig, but there's a lot of useful info for those not into it or not exposed to it.

An article on my site laying out my thoughts:

An interview (audio):

An article in the magazine of the South Africa Astrological Association, on Lilith and Lucifer as shadow archetypes we can learn to look at and live with - "Seeing In The Dark":

A handful of blog posts on Lilith: http://tdjacobs.com/blog/?cat=4

And finally, I offer an astrological natal report all about Lilith - looking at yours in your birth chart. It can be ordered via my site, http://tdjacobs.com.