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Holy crap! People!   Hi! :D
by vampilith // vela (vampilith)
at January 28th, 2007 (07:59 pm)

So let's introduce ourselves.

I can start.

I'm a 21 year old female, attending third-year of undergrad, working for a degree in Environmental Studies.   I am also working on a Women's Studies minor. 
I'd like to go on to teach, travel, and continue to live creatively.

Aside from school, I have numerous hobbies, mostly in the humanities -- I've studied astrology for nine years, am an artist, actress, and writer.   Metaphysics, world religion, spirituality, and culture also interest me.    In the summer, I work in professional music theatre. 

I have a strange connection with cats, and - of course, Lilith....   there's more about me in my user info/journal, so feel free to check that out and add me if you'd like.    :)